I have been asking myself this question over and over and over and over and over again for the last six months.  What the hell do I want to do with this blog?

Initially, my idea was to use it similarly to my previous blog, a repository for my flash and short fiction.  But the ever present demon of creative types reared it's ugly head.  My fellow art school grads and writers know it well, the burning question of, "Will anyone care?"

The more modern artists make the argument that art exists purely for it's own sake.  It draws attention to the fact that it is art and the reception of said art has little importance.  While I respect that idea, I don't think it's very applicable in this day and age.  The advent of social media and mass communications means that art is consumed at a more rapid pace than ever before.  While most would see this as a simple expansion of the possible audience, it's also changed something I believe is even more important to creativity.

Feedback and discussion.

Spend five minutes on any forum or comment section (if you have the courage and intestinal fortitude) and you'll see that we interact with media differently now.  We don't go to a gallery and discuss the work with other patrons.  We can see the work online and leave a comment that 99.9% of the time the creator will see.  We go to the cinema, watch a film, and can tweet about it while linking to the marketing department of the film.  And the creators will see that - how many films nowadays use twitter posts in their marketing?

And you know what?  I am all for that.

If it's done in a constructive and civil manner, the passions and opinions of an audience can be extraordinarily beneficial, even enlightening.  I crave that.

But it can also easily devolve into vindictive caustic abuse that only perpetuates the worst parts of humanity to enhance an incredibly fragile ego.  Not naming any names on that one - though it rhymes with "Ronald Rump".  

So, as with all creative work, posting something on this blog has left me frozen in doubt.  Will I be receptive to conversation?  Will I come across in the wrong way?  Will people spew bile at me or will they be apathetic?  I have no earthly idea.  I know only one certainty.

I have to create and discuss things.  That is core to who I am.  And I hope it's something we can share here at Ramsey Studios.



I also realize naming the blog after myself is kinda narcissistic.  To be perfectly honest . . . I couldn't think of a catchier name.  ^^;