Welcome to the Studio!  My name is Ramsey and thank you very much for visiting my blog.  I'm a video maker, cartoonist, and writer who works in the fields of digital media.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee majoring in anthropology and then pursued a degree in design arts.  I've worked in the fields of advertising, education, marketing and public service, but my heart still beats with the same rhythm I had as a young man... going out into the world and telling a story.  Are my stories good?  I have no earthly idea.  Maybe you could tell me what you think?  Please leave a comment or drop me a line on my other social networks you can find down below.

 I'm a proficient Video Maker, Animator and Writer. My skills include the following:

4K Videography

Non Linear Video Editing

2D Graphical Animation

Copy Writing


Social Media Content Creation

Event Coordination

For inquiries, please reach out via email at: ramsey@ramseystudios.com

Take care!